Brenda Huey

The Unknown History of my Home Town!

About the Author

Brenda Huey grew up in Greenville, Texas during the fifties and sixties and lived only two blocks from the famous sign on their main street.  She walked pass that sign, two times a day while going to school and coming home from school.

After graduation from high school, Brenda went on to pursue her education and became a Registered Nurse (RN) and then obtained a Juris Doctorate Degree (JD). Once she retired and returned home, she decided to write a book that described what it was like to be black and grow up in Greenville, Texas.


Brenda is best known for her medical and legal skills. She graduated from Central Texas College's nursing program as an RN. She also attended Baylor University, East Texas State University, University of Texas, Austin and the University of Phoenix. She helped set up the first nursing program at Charles Drew Medical School in Los Angeles. She also worked as a public health nurse for the Los Angeles County Health Department and served South Central, Watts, and all of the LA communities before and during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots related to the Rodney King beating incident. She has served on numerous board of directors and committees. Brenda is an advocate for children and the elderly in underprivileged communities.

As a graduate of Pacific West College of Law, where she obtained her Doctor of Jurisprudence/Juris Doctor (J.D.) Law Degree, she specialized in Medicare denials and claims. She appeared before Administrative Law Judges and Attorney Generals defending Medical Care and Professional Licenses.  She also worked with some of the top Attorneys in California sharing her medical expertise, & Medical Malpractice Cases.  The highlight of her career was when she honored Johnnie Cochran at his Tribute of Excellence Award Dinner.

Brenda Huey broke many barriers and did her share of trailblazing during her career. She now steps into the role of an  Author, Motivational Speaker, and Substitute Teacher. She was the Keynote Speaker for the Legacy Awards Ceremony in 2020.  She has been selected for a Legacy Award in her hometown twice .